PCB Gerber

The Gerber file format(RS274X) is the de facto standard for Printed Circuit Board (PCB). It is the standard file used by printed circuit board (PCB) industry software to describe the printed circuit board layers: copper layers, solder mask, legend, etc. Gerber files should be inside a .zip archive with standard file extensions.

Certain CAD Tools generates files with different extensions even though it follows RS274X format.In such case it can be renamed to match the layers as shown below.

Board Outline file(.GKO) is a must as it is used for routing(cutting) the board edge.This file defines the outline of the board including any inner slots or cutouts.It should only contain the outline data and no other data should be present.

Drill file should be in Excellon format.Non-Plated Drills can be mentioned either in board outline or in a second drill file which contains text "NPTH" in the filename

File Extension Layer
filename.GTL Top Layer
filename.GBL Bottom Layer
filename.GTS Top SolderMask
filename.GBS Bottom SolderMask
filename.GTO Top SilkScreen
filename.GBO Bottom SilkScreen
filename.GKO Board Outline
filename.DRD Drills
Points to Note
  1. Gerber file must be the RS-274x format
  2. Drill file should be Excellon format
  3. pth and n-pth Drill files also accepted

PCB Specifications

Spec Name Specs
Minimum Board Dimension 3mm * 3mm
Board Layers 1,2,4 Layers.
*4 Layer Boards On request
Board Copper Weight 1 oz (35mm),2 oz (70mm)
Board Thickness Tolerance ± 10%
Minimum trace spacing/width
For 1oz: 6/6mil
For 2oz: 8/8mil
Annular Rings
≥ 0.152mm/6mil
Minimum distance between Trace and Copper Pour
For 1oz ≥ 8mil
For 2oz ≥ 12mil
Circuit to edge
≥ 0.3mm /12mil
Minimum distance between Vias (plated holes)
≥ 12mil
Minimum distance between Silk Screen and Solder Pad
≥ 6mil
Width of Solder Mask Dam
≥ 0.152mm/6mil
Minimum distance between Via(plated holes) and trace
≥ 12mil
Drill Hole Diameter(Mechanical) 0.35 - 6.3mm
Minimum silkscreen height/trace width
height ≥ 0.5842mm /23mil
trace width ≥ 0.152mm /6mil