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₹1999 / 3 months
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24/7 Manufacturing Feedback

Our InstaDFM system self learns based on previous manufacturing feedback and provides valuable manufacturing insights to prevent quality issues.

You can update the design and it auto runs to verify the design updates, thus reducing the risk of manufacturing delays .

You can now get DFM feedback before order is placed by subscribing to one of the paid plans.
*Our DFM engineers will verify the instant feedback and validate it.

Low Cost Rush Service

Get free upgrades to rush service timelines by ordering in standard service. Move fast in design iteration by rapid prototyping and reach project timelines faster.

Focus on engineering rather than managing the manufacturer. Simply create a project on our platform and keep track of the order until delivery.

Our self service platform enables faster and reliable manufacturing timelines for seamless integration in your project schedule.

Talk to Lion Experts

Talk to our team for help with Lion platform tools or services. Get priority support from dedicated experts on orders. We will be helping you with all you queries and doubts.


( ₹1999 / 3 months )
( ₹3499 / 3 months )
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