LionCircuits Turnkey PCB Support

Can you help me source electronic components?

At Lioncircuits we do support you to procure components for your project. Our Assembly Service provides Full Turnkey and Partial Turnkey Assembly services including component sourcing. Industry expertise has let us partner with Highly Reputable Distributors of Electronic components like Digi-Key, Mouser, Element 14, Arrow, etc.

Our Automated Component Procurement Tool makes your component sourcing processing simple by comparing stock availability and pricing of every component across various vendors. If there is a shortage of any component required, our tool can help you find an alternative for the same. Thus, simplifying your components search.

We further save your time by providing the facility where in our team at Lioncircuits can help in procuring your components (we can directly contact the vendors to ship the components chosen by you). The “Procure now” option in the tool helps you regarding this.

To know the step-by-step procedure on the same, please watch our Component Procurement Tool Demo video on our PCB Component Sourcing page.


You can also visit our YouTube channel to watch this Demo video.

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