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The Lion brings to you High Standard, Affordable Online PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Services for the Growing Hardware Engineering community Worldwide. Our PCBs are High Quality, Soldermask Over Bare Copper (SMOBC), HASL (Hot Air Solder Leveling) finish, with FPT(Flying Probe Testing). You can customize your PCB's if needed with our custom service. We support prototype to production quantities.
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Rigid PCB
We support rigid pcb's manufacturing from 2 layer upto 6 layers currently. We support standard stackup for 4 layer and 6 layer pcbs. In case you have special requirements on HDI pcbs or if the capabilities mentioned
Flexible PCB
We provide flexible pcb fabrication using polymide base material.
Special PCB
If you have special requirments for manufacturing which is not covered in our capabilities listed, you can reach out to us at and we will help you out.
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We support all industry standard PCB design tools
We are pcb design tool agnostic platform. You can just export designs in RS274X format and upload on our platform and we take care of the rest for you. Some of the tools we support include Autodesk Eagle, Altium, KiCAD, OrCAD, DipTrace to name a few.
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fast turn around
Fast Turnaround
We support engineers in rapid prototyping and we constantly work towards reducing the lead time of different service. We enable manufacturing seamlessly so that you can focus on design engineering rather than project managing the hardware development.
prototype to production
Prototype to Production
We support 1 unit to 10K units batch sizes . You can use our self service manufacturing platform to order wide varity of circuit boards. Once your design are ready, you are covered on our platform for manufactruing. We help tranform your ideas and designs to reality.
iso certified
ISO9001:2015 Certified
We are a ISO certified company and you can view our certificate here. We follow strict quality policy and use advanced AI assisted Visual inspection machine for quality inspection before shipping the boards. You can also download Quality Check report from your project dashbord once the project is shipped.
Order PCB Online
We are pcb manufacturers in India shipping to companies worldwide. Our online pcb order system provides a unique pcb fabrication cost estimation in real-time along with pcb manufacturability feedback in an instant upon ordering. This reduces the overall lead time. We support different pcb materials like FR4, PTFE from Rogers and Nelco. We are the largest online pcb manufacturing company in India shipping worldwide.
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Frequently asked:
What is PCB fabrication process?

It is a series of electro chemical process which creates circuit patterns on copper by additive and subtractive methods. Learn more about the process involved in this article.

What does PCB stand for?

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are boards on which the electronic components are mounted and the connections between them are made electrically.

PCBs are commonly made of fiberglass FR4 material, but they also come in other variants like composite epoxy and ceramics. Depending on the rigidity of the base materials there are flexible PCBs, rigid PCBs, and rigid-flex PCBs. For more complex circuits which need a lot of connections between the component's wires, will have to be routed in multiple layers of copper planes. This is achieved in multi-layer PCBs which come in 4/6/8...and all the way up to 60 layers.

What files are needed for PCB fabrication?

The files needed for PCB fabrication are:

PCB gerber format- The Gerber file format (RS274X) is the de facto standard for Printed Circuit Board(PCB) fabrication. It is the standard file used by printed circuit board (PCB) industry software to describe the printed circuit board layers: copper layers, solder mask, legend, etc. Gerber file can be in either .rar or .zip archive when you upload the designs on our platform.

Board Outline file(.GKO) is a must as it is used for routing(cutting) the board edge. This file defines the outline of the board including any inner slots or cut-outs. It should only contain the outline data and no other data should be present.

Drill file should be in Excellon format. Non-Plated Drills can be mentioned either in board outline or in a second drill file which contains text "NPTH" in the filename.

What are PCB design tools?

Check the below links to know the procedure of generating Gerber files from various other CAD tools,

You can also visit our Lioncircuits YouTube channel to watch videos on Gerber file generation from these CAD software.

What is standard PCB thickness?

The standard PCB Thickness is 1.6mm

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