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How we make it happen
It just takes 5 simple steps.
upload bom
Upload BOM
bom processing
BOM Processing
data aggregation
Data Aggregation from multiple vendors
automated price
Automated Price Recommendation
report generation
Report Generation
How it works
Just upload the BOM and let the software guide you the steps.
Suite of Automated Tools
BOM Scrubbing
We help you right from component selection phase of your design by helping you identify the right parts for your design that are available with various global vendors. Select components which suits your design specification without compromising on quality and lead times. BOM Scrub tool helps you in refining your parts search while giving you the flexibility to compare prices and stock availability in real-time from various global suppliers.
BOM Sourcing
Once you have the scrubbed BOM along with all the alternate part numbers identified for your design, look nowhere as we help you source high quality, reliable components from global suppliers by managing all the custom clearance and global shipments handling. Track your shipments on the dashboard until delivery.
RoHS/REACH compliance
While our software tools help you discover right components along with alternate sources. We simplify your burden on compliance by identifying if the components comply with RoHS and REACH standards.
Save Time and Money
bom scrub
Let software do the job for you
Free up your engineering time! We know it is a pain for engineers to refine the Bill-Of-Materials (BoM) by spending days together on it. Use the latest supply chain tools and get started with procurement in an hour instead of days.

While your time is saved, how about saving money too! With intelligent purchase decisions driven by software algorithms you save an average of 10% on sourcing components from global suppliers.

Why Wait? Upload your BOM now !
Order Electronic Components Online
You can buy electronic components online in India from our platform. We provide you the best electronic component prices after analyzing from various different electronic component distributors like digikey, mouser, element14 and arrow. Once you upload the BOM on our platform you can buy electronic components online at a click of a button along with all the vendor recommendations.
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Frequently asked:
What are the two types of electronic components?

There are various types of Electronic components which can be broadly classified into active and passive components. Passive components do not need external supply to operate and active components do need an external power source to function.

Is diode active or passive?

Diodes are passive electronic components used very commonly in electronic circuits.

Where can I buy electronic components online?

You can buy electronics components online on LionCircuits portal using a simple interface by uploading the BOM and paying online.

How do I find alternative electronic components?

It is common that the electronic components go out of stock in the market causing unplanned delays in production of electronics. In order to avoid such delays it is a good practice to identify an alternate electronic component for each of the line items in the BOM, whenever possible. This allows to source the alternate component in case the original component goes out of stock during production.

LionCircuits BOM scrub tool provides a easy to use interface to find alternate electronic components from the BOM by searching various electronic components distributors inventory in real time which matches the specification of the original part. Thus, significantly reducing the designer time and finding the best alternate.

Does Lioncircuits carry electronic components inventory in India?

No, Lioncircuits in an online marketplace to find best electronic components for turn-key PCB manufacturing projects. It provides a software tool to find and compare electronic components from various distributors in real-time and helps in importing of electronic components including custom clearance in India.

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