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Fully Automated SMT line and Wave Soldering for Through hole component assembly.

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I received Assembled Boards even before getting quote from other FAB House.
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We provide pcb assembly service in India, shipping to companies worldwide. Our online pcb assembly order system provides a unique pcb assembly cost estimation in real-time. We support soldering of complex pcbs including bga's with x-ray inspection. We support fully automated assembly from stencil printing, pick and place and reflow for surface mount devices and wave soldering for through hole components.
reflow owen
8 Zone Reflow Oven
BGA Support with X-Ray Inspection
Turn-Key Support
Capabilities Snapshot
Passives upto 0402 package
Components in Reel/Tape/Tray support
Custom re-flow profile support
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SMT Assembly
We support fully automated surface mount components assembly on bare circuit boards. To help engineers we currently support both framed and frameless stencil options for solder paste application on pcb boards.
Through hole Assembly
We support Through hole component assembly using wave soldering. Combination of SMT and TH components is possible.
Turnkey support
We support turnkey pcba manufacturing on our platform. You can start with pcb fabrication service, using our software driven BOM tools place order for components sourcing and schedule pcb assembly for the same project all in one place. You get faster and more efficient timelines on your turn-key pcba project.
Upload BOM to get started
Just Upload Bill-Of-Materials on the platform to get started on the PCB assembling. You get automated quotes based on gerber and BOM combination.
download sample bom
 sample BOM file
Generate PnP file
We use Pick and Place machine for components placement and hence need PnP file. All PCB design tools provide option to generated pick and place file. You can refer user guide of the tools to learn more.
Functional Testing
Once the printed circuit boards are assembled, we can perform functional testing like short/open check, power-up tests and basic voltage tests at various points defined on the board. You can use the render generated on the platform to mark the necessary point to test and share with us.

For batch size of 50 or more, we recommend that you define a test procedure. In case of microcontroller on board, we support devise firmware upgrades and test firmare using standard Jigs.
assembly functional testing
Frequently asked:
What is PCBA process?

Soldering of electronic components on bare pcbs are also known as PCBA or printed circuit board assembly. Surface mount devices (SMDs) are usually placed on pcbs using a pick and place machine and then sent to reflow for soldering. Through hole components on the other hand are soldered on wave soldering process.

How is a PCB made step by step?

PCB manufacturing is a multi step process involving various electrochemcial process. Here is an article which explain the pcb process step-by-step.

How much does PCB assembly cost?

PCB assembly cost depends on the number of components on board and the complexitiy of components. We have an automatic quote generator to order pcba online on our platform.

What is difference between PCB and PCBA?

PCB or printed circuit boards are bare circuit boards which have electrical connections on the board from various electronic components without the components mounted.

PCBA is the printed circuit board with electronic components soldered on it.

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