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How will BOM Scrub help me?

During BOM Scrubbing, the list of components required for the project is identified and checked across various Electronic Distributors to extract the present market data. This includes component availability, pricing details, and their substitutes. The BOM scrubbing process helps in scanning a BOM (Bill-of-Materials) to scrub off any irregularities or prospective risks associated with the parts.

At Lioncircuits we ease our customers’ BOM Scrubbing process using our automated Component Procurement Tool. This tool helps in refining component search by providing the flexibility to compare prices and stock availability in real-time from various global suppliers.

In short, our tool reduces your time & effort of checking the availability and price of each component across various global vendors and give you suggestions for substitutes during a component shortage. You can also obtain the vendor ID. All these are done to suit your design specifications without compromising on quality and lead times.

To know more about our Component Procurement Tool, watch the video on our PCB Component Sourcing page.


You can also visit our YouTube channel to watch this demo video.

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