LionCircuits Turnkey PCB Support

How many layer PCBs can lion manufacture?

At present, the manufacturing capabilities for PCBs with more than a single layer are as follows,

For a Rigid PCB, we support the manufacturing with FR4 substrates from 2 layers to 12 layers of PCBs. Besides, we support standard or customized stackup from 4 layers and 12 layers PCBs.

For a Multilayer PCB, we support a production volume of up to 6-layer circuit boards. For 8 to 12 layers, we only provide support for prototyping. Work in progress for production volume support for the same.

Our platform generates an automated quote for a 2 layer PCB only. Please watch for updates.

For multilayer PCB, please mail the Gerber file with the required specification to We will provide a quote manually.

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