LionCircuits Turnkey PCB Support

What is Standard Service?

This is a low cost service for prototyping. You can order a minimum of 3 units & maximum of 12 units ( in multiples of 3 )

This is the ideal service for the prototyping of your PCBs.

Here are the highlights of our Standard Service:

  1. Fixed Standard PCB Specifications
    • PCB Thickness - 1.6mm
    • Copper Thickness - 1oz
    • PCB Finish - HASL
    • PCB Color - We will surprise you! (We offer either black, blue, green, red or white).
    • 6 days of fabrication time
  2. Low-cost service starting @ ₹650
  3. Ships Worldwide
  4. Free shipping across India
  5. Panelized designs are not supported.
  6. V-groove not supported
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