LionCircuits Turnkey PCB Support

What is Standard Service?

Our Standard Service has been changed to “MII plan – Make In India plan”. This is the ideal service we offer for PCB prototyping at a low cost. Orders can be placed from a minimum of 10 units up to 100 units at its maximum (in multiples of 10 strictly).

A short note on our MII service specification is provided on our “PCB Fabrication” page.


For more detailed information please click this link – MII service.

Please follow the below steps to place your order under the MII service plan,

1. Log on to our platform and click the “Sample Project” in your dashboard.


2. You can find the “MII- Make In India” plan under the Quotation Tab.


3. Different design option is available under MII plan. If you have multiple circuits in the design you need to select the number of design in this drop down.


Ex: If you have total of 4 circuits, you need to select 4 under the drop down.

We provide automated quotes for 2 Layer PCBs. For multilayer board requirements please contact us at

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