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Can you produce and provide SMT Stencil?

Yes, we do help our customers with SMT stencil production. We offer both Framed and Frameless Metal Stencil.

What is Framed Stencils?

Framed stencils are laser cut solder paste stencils, permanently mounted on a stencil frame which is designed to work for high-volume screen-printing on PCBs. The main advantage of a framed stencil is that they are pre-stretched which prevents misalignment.

Framed stencil

What are Frameless Stencils?

Frameless stencils are known as foils. They are low-cost cut stencils designed for low-volume assembly. Unlike famed stencils, they are not glued to the frame.

Frameless stencil

To know more about SMT stencils and their types, please click here.

At Lioncircuits we also help to place your order for stencils alone. To place your order, please email us at

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