LionCircuits Turnkey PCB Support

How long do you take for assembly?

For prototype units:

It will take 4 working days after we have the board and components ready with us.

For production units:

The timeline will be updated accordingly. It will take 4 working days or more depending on the order quantity & complexity.

Once your order is shipped, an email with the shipping and delivery tracking details will be sent

As shown in the below screenshot, your “Ship-by-date” will be shown in the Project dashboard and it gets updated on the payment completion.


Note: If the components are provided by the customer, the Assembly will start once the components reach our facility.

If the components are procured by Lioncircuits, you will be sent an email notification when the components have been received in our facility. Your Assembly will start after that.

For any Shipments and Delivery queries, please click here.

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