LionCircuits Turnkey PCB Support

Do Lion Circuits provide assembly inspection services after the assembly?

PCBA is a complex process and the occurrence of defects is highly possible in the process.

Therefore at Lioncircuits we carry out extensive testing and inspection procedures are implemented to deliver a quality product to the client. Once our boards are assembled, they are tested using our proprietary machine learning-based visual inspection system for quality assurance. We perform functional testing like short/open check-up, power-ups test, and basic voltage checks on various points on the board. To know more about our PCBA Functional Testing, please click here.

We conduct an in-depth Visual Inspection using high-resolution AOI Cameras. This helps identify any errors in assembly-like polarity, any missing components, and shorts.

Lioncircuits recommend you to define a test procedure for a batch size of 50 or more.

Device firmware upgrades and test firmware using standard jigs are supported by us if you have a microcontroller on board.

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