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What are the different testing services provided by you?

At Lioncircuits your Assembled PCBs undergo the following testing processes:

Functional Testing (FCT): In this, we perform the functionality check on the Assembled PCB. It is a final manufacturing step which gives pass/fail condition on the finished PCBs. This is performed to assert if the PCB is working according to the requirements specified by the client. The Testing Document has to be provided by the customer. It is the best to detect wrong component values, functional failures, and parametric failures.

FCT reduces the cost for the customer by testing the operating environment of the test product. To know more about our PCBA Functional Testing, please click here.

In-Circuit Testing (ICT): This testing is performed at the end of manufacturing to check the joint failures or shorts by identifying the presence of any open circuit present on the board. This is done with the help of four robotic probes. Advantages of a flying probe tester are – Any changes in pad position can be done easily, No special fixture for the board is required, and Test development time is relatively quick.

Watch our YouTube channel video to know more about how flying probe works.

Note: Flying Probe testing will be done from our end if the boards are fabricated with us

Both the above tests are performed to check the integrity of the boards.

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