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What is centroid file aka pick and place file ?

This file contains the list of all items to be assembled and their respective X, Y coordinates, and rotation. Recommended formats- .csv, .xls and .xlsx.

Pick and Place file(PNP) is the input data file (in ASCII format) for the automatic assembly process.

The Pick & Place File must contain the information below:

  • Designator - Component Reference Designator (e.g. C1, L2, R3)
  • X Data/ Y Data - The X/Y coordinate of the component centroid. Recommended units: Metric(mm).
  • Layer - Top / Bottom, the board side where the component should be placed.
  • Rotation - The rotation of the component given in degrees. Positive values are counterclockwise.

Recommended File Format: .csv, .xls and .xlsx.

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