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What is manual assembly ?

The components will be hand soldered rather than doing it by an automated machine. Manual assembly is a tedious work, and hence it is highly recommended to save cost when you have prototyping and low-volume production units.

There are some components with unique properties (like heat sensitivity, unusual shape, and so on) which might need manual process. So, if there is any special requirements or precaution to be taken for manual components soldering, It needs to be mentioned by the customer in a separate column in the BOM.

Lioncircuits recommend this procedure of only prototyping units less than 10. And we also bring into your notice that the company is not liable for any component damage & the functionality of the boards which are manually soldered.

If you high-volume units to be manufactured, please check our other PCBA manufacturing processes, Fully automated SMT assembly and Through-hole assembly using Wave soldering.

Visit our capabilities page to know more about this.

Please follow the below steps to place your order for Manual Assembly,

1. Login to our platform and click the “Sample Project” in your dashboard.


2. Select the Quotation Tab.


3. Now scroll down to the Assembly Service part. Provide the ‘No: of Units’ and select “Manual Assembly” to proceed with your order.

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