LionCircuits Turnkey PCB Support

What type PCBs do you assemble?

Lion Circuits assembles Rigid PCBs, Multilayer PCBs, and Impedance control PCBs.

What is a Rigid PCB:

This type of PCB has a Solid and Inflexible structure that cannot bend or force out of shape. It is made up of a solid substrate with copper tracks.

Rigid Printed Circuit Boards have increased circuit density and can reduce the overall weight of the board. They can be used to support light as well as heavy-duty applications. Due to this capability, most of the electronic appliances today are making use of these circuit boards. A Rigid PCB can be Single Sided, Double Sided or Multilayer.

What is a Multilayer PCB:

Multilayer boards have more than two layers. A minimum of three conductive layers or several double-layers should be present to manufacture a multilayer board. Prepeg and core materials are stacked up as alternative layers and laminated together under high pressure and temperature to manufacture these layered boards. While the weight and space benefits of Multilayer PCBs are high, they also come with another advantage of reducing the need for interconnection wiring harnesses.

What is Impedance control PCB:

This is mainly used to implement a differential pair in the circuit board. When operated at high frequency, Impedance is the combination of capacitance and induction of a circuit. It measures the opposition of an electric circuit when an alternating current is applied.

To know more about the specifications of our PCB types, please visit our Fabrication Page.

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