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What is DFM Review ?

A crucial aspect of the product development cycle is“Design for Manufacturing -DFM” which includes optimizing the product or component design for its production phase.

DFM is an engineering analysis to determine the manufacturing viability of a product design along with discussing and highlighting any manufacturing issues that may be visible from the design before tooling is carried out. This check allows a manufacturer to pin down and avert mistakes or discrepancies.

DFM Review Method at Lioncircuits:

All the uploaded Gerber files undergo DFM checks before proceeding to fabrication.

The Gerbers are reviewed only for Manufacturability related issues. We do not review the design and we are not responsible for any design errors.

The DFM Feedback details can be found in your project dashboard after order payment as shown below,


If you believe your design was flagged by mistake, you can request for a manual review.

Please watch our Design Update video to know how our DFM Feedback content looks like.

Please check our Business Account page information to check the number of DFM checks you are entitled with.

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