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Can you ship different projects to different locations?

Yes, you can get different projects shipped to different locations.

In the Order Summary page you get an option to enter the shipping address. You will have to enter the exact address where you want the specific project to be delivered to you.

Suppose you want a project "Sample A" to be delivered to "Destination A" and project "Sample B" be delivered to a "Destination B".

While ordering "Sample A" make sure you enter the shipping address as "Destination A" and ordering "Sample B" make sure you enter the shipping address as "Destination B".


This is a sample Fabrication Order Summary screenshot. Please enter all the necessary order details on our platform for the desired service and click the “Order now” button. You will be re-directed to the Order summary page to provide us with the Billing and Shipping information.

Please watch our YouTube channel video to know the step-by-step procedure to place an order with Lioncircuits.

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