LionCircuits Turnkey PCB Support

Tell me more about LionCircuits?

LionCircuits is a one-stop solution for all your electronics manufacturing needs. We support you in all the phases of PCB manufacturing starting from prototype to production.

We handle our customers need for,

  • PCB Fabrication
  • PCB Assembly
  • Components Sourcing

Lioncircuits policy follows strict quality guidelines and complies with ISO9001:2015 standards and we enforce ISO standards through our technology platform.

Our software-driven manufacturing approach ensures the transparency and reliability of the end-product. We have a team of highly motivated professionals who empower our customers with the best quality Turn-key PCB solution.

You can place your order online and get instant quotes on the same. Besides, we provide you with a DFM review on your product and this helps you to make any design updates.

We help in procuring your components with our new automated Component Procurement tool. You can ease your component search by this method by comparing prices across various vendors by saving your time.

All your assembled boards undergo testing using the Advanced Intelligence-Driven visual inspection system for quality assurance and it learns with every test cycle. This is mandatorily done before every product dispatch.

To know more about how we work closely with you in all the manufacturing phases, please check our User-Guide.

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