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Can I update the specification or update the gerber for my order?

You can update the specification. if the PCB status shows "Proceed with project" If there are any changes in the pricing you will be notified. Please e-mail the changes if in case you want to update the specifications.

Lioncircuits policy allows you to update any design changes only before the start of your Fabrication process. If the PCB fabrication is in progress you will not be able to update the specifications.

Follow the below steps to update your design. It is the same as updating your Gerber files but we recommend you have a quick look at your DFM review once before updating the changes. You can even decide on updating if there are any discrepancies with our DFM review and your design.

1. Login to our platform and click the Project in your dashboard for which you want to update.

2. Upload the Gerber File under the “Update Design” Tab.


DFM details can be checked using the "DFM Feedback" Tab next to the Update Design Tab.

Watch the video on “How to update Design” on our Youtube Channel.

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