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What files do I need to provide for an assembly order?

The four files you need to provide us for proceeding with PCB Assembly are,

1. Gerber File of the PCB.

2. BOM File (Bill of Materials) with designations & quantity.

3. Pick&Place File. it is used by our automated SMT Assembly machines to determine the location of each component.

4. Orientation files/images-This is required to place the components like connector, diodes, Integrated circuits,etc. in the correct orientation.

Gerber File:

The Gerber format is an open ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) vector format for PCB designs. It is the very first input which a printed board manufacturer needs. We will have this file if your PCB was made with us.

Components of a Gerber file,

  • Configuration parameters
  • Aperture definitions
  • XY coordinate locations for draw and flash commands
  • Draw and Flash commands

Visit our FAQ page to know how to extract Gerber File from various CAD software.

BOM File:

Bill-of-Materials. You should provide us with an accurate BOM with detailed information on all the necessary raw materials needed for manufacturing. We accept BOM files in these formats-.csv, .xlsm, .xlsx, .xls

Fields in a BOM file,

  • Item Description
  • Manufacturer Part Number
  • Name
  • Package
  • Designator
  • Quantity

You can download our sample BOM File Template sample BOM File Template here.

Login on your platform and select the Component Procurement option on your left to start uploading your BOM in our Component Procurement Tool


Click here to see the Demo video of BOM Scrubbing Tool

Pick & Place (PNP) File:

This file contains the list of all items to be assembled and their respective X,Y coordinates. Recommended formats- .csv, .xls and .xlsx.

Click here to know more about PNP File.

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