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Can you help panelize the PCB for bulk orders ?

During Panelization, small-sized individual PCB units are fabricated and connected to form a single array (single processing piece) of the board. PCB panelization had its advantages when there is a High-volume production and to maintain speed and efficiency in processing the same.

Click here to know more on why to panelize a PCB.

At Lioncircuits we do help our customers with bulk order panelization.

The Panelized Gerber file will be uploaded on your project dashboard (Refer to the screenshot below). You can verify the same and proceed to pay for the required no of panels.


Panelization Guidelines:

Panelization is only supported in Custom Service and Rush Service.

Depaneling Methods:

1. V-Groove Scoring

This is a common method where circuit boards are scored (with V-shaped grooves) along the edge cut lines on either side to reduce its thickness. To know more about V-groove, please click here. Once boards have been populated, they are manually broken out of the panel.

2. Routing

This method is used when the circuits are of non standard shapes but still required the pcbs in panel format to facilitate assembly. Mill tabs are provided in routing to keep the pcbs together.

Refer to the images below to see the guidelines for V-groove and Routing in Panelized designs.

v-groove routing
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