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Why should I panelise my PCBs for assembly?

Panelization technique is where small-sized individual PCB units are fabricated and connected together as a single array (single processing piece) for the PCB assembler. PCB panelization is effective for,

1. High-volume Production ā€“ In mass production, effective panel design will save both time and money.

2. Safety of the end product- Panelization resists the board from vibration and shock experienced during assembly.

3. Speed and Efficiency- It is efficient and faster to process ā€˜nā€™ number of boards at once as a part of a single large array.

This also satisfies the minimum size requirements and becomes easy to handle as a single piece. Along with such benefits, panelized PCBs become mandatory for automated assembly in some cases. For automated PCB assembly, a tooling margin is required to travel on the conveyors from machine to machine. At Lioncircuits we panelize the PCB along with additional 5mm ribs to save time by making it faster to solder the PCB in SMT.

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