LionCircuits Turnkey PCB Support

What is automatic assembly?

In automated PCBA, the process is completely machine soldered. The components will be placed on the board using an automated CNC machine for soldering. At Lioncircuits we support fully automated surface mount (SMT) components assembly on bare circuit boards.

What is a CNC Machine?

Computer Numerical Control is the automated operation of a machine by a computer program. They are extensively used in manufacturing industries to automate their manufacturing process that would have been performed manually otherwise. It has digitized data as its input (Centroid file aka pick and place files needs to be provided as input for automatic assembly), a computer and CAM program controls, monitors, and automates the movements of a machine.

What is a Centroid file?

This describes the position and orientation of the SMT components to be assembled on the board. Pick and Place file contains the components list and their respective X and Y coordinates.

Stencil roles in Automatic Assembly,

Frameless stencil – It can be selected for units of less than 25 units.

Framed stencil - can be used for production orders.

Click here to know more about Centroid file aka pick and place file.

Please Note:" LionCircuits will be only responsible for any assembly issues and will not be responsible for any component level failure."

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